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By markelsmore, Apr 15 2018 04:45PM

I’m honoured to have ‘Multi-Storey’ chosen for the Winsor & Newton Award at the 206th RI Exhibition. I enjoyed meeting fellow artists and guests at the Private View, it’s always a joy to exchange thoughts about our latest work.

The exhibition continues at the Mall Galleries, London until the 21st April 2018.


“As a painter sometimes the description and meanings of the paintings can get too important. ‘Multi-Storey’ is a play on words, it could just as easily be called ‘Multi-Story’. Within the car park there are lots of stories and no stories, it’s up to the viewer to imagine the chapters.”

By markelsmore, Mar 10 2015 07:43PM

At the Private View evening for the RWS contemporary watercolour competition it was announced that ‘Mischief Makers’ had been chosen as a Winsor & Newton prize winner.

‘I’m delighted to be exhibited in the 2015 open and thrilled to have received such recognition.’

You can still catch the exhibition at the Bankside Gallery, London until 18th March.

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