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By markelsmore, Sep 19 2017 10:05AM

The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition celebrates 30 years this week. It's fantastic to have been selected for such a landmark event. This is my 16th successful selection so I feel very qualified to wish everyone concerned CONGRATULATIONS!

It seems appropriate that on this 30th (Ceramic) Anniversary I'm exhibiting a painting of the Staffordshire Pottery Industry:

The Parable of the Lost Kiln

Not long ago there stood an old pottery kiln. Bottle-shaped kilns are an iconic symbol of the Staffordshire pottery industry. In recent years the number of potbanks has declined and many of the remaining kilns stand in a perilous state. The 'Falcon Works' kiln needed structural repair. Grade II listed status couldn't save her.
It’s disappointing that a building so identifiable and unique can disappear overnight.

The fate of the kiln seems to suggest: Maintain what you've got while you can; the wonders of today may be a heap of bricks by tomorrow.

The Mall Galleries London, 19th-24th Sept 2017
Trowbridge Arts, 11th Nov-23rd Dec 2017
Guildford House Gallery, 13th Jan- 10th Mar 2018

By markelsmore, Jul 27 2014 06:31PM

2014 marks my fourteenth successful year of selection for the Smith & Williamson Sunday Times Watercolour Competetion. This year the judges were Sarah Armstrong Jones (Artist), Desmond Shawe-Taylor CVO (Surveyor of the Queen's pictures), Ben Ravenscroft (Artist) and Louis Wise (Critic & Writer, The Sunday Times).

This year I'm pleased to inform that two paintings have been selected, "Stairway to Heaven" and "Dredger".

Approximately 100 works will be exhibited at the Mall Galleries, London, 15 - 20 September 2014 and then the exhibition goes to Guildford House Gallery and will tour the offices of Smith & Williamson, October 2014 - January 2015.

‘Dredger’ reminds us about world resources and environmental issues. Random patterns have been baked into mud by an ever thirsty sun. There is a stark beauty and yet awful realisation that nature is at a premium. Water is scarce and precious, this scene man made. A ladder invites us down into the dredger; the situation is not hopeless and we still have the ability to change matters. We alter the world when we dredge the earth.

By markelsmore, Sep 15 2013 06:03PM

Following my 2012 First Prize I’m delighted to again be part of the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition. This year I’m exhibiting ‘Friedrichstrasse Bridge’.

16th to 21st September, Exhibition at Mall Galleries, The Mall, London SW1, 10am-5pm daily.

Exhibition Tour from October 2013- January 2014.

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