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By markelsmore, May 19 2018 07:32PM

I’ve been elected a Member of The Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours.

I’m so pleased to be joining such a wonderful group of painters! The 206th RI Exhibition was a great personal success, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank members and supporters for your help and belief.

I’m sharing this happy time with, Varsha Bhatia, Ann Blockley, and Tianya Zhou who were also elected new members.

By markelsmore, Apr 15 2018 06:29PM

The Research Institute for Primary Care and Health Sciences have purchased ‘Industrial Tribunal’ on the occasion of the retirement of Rhian Hughes as Co-Director of the Institute in 2016.

Rhian explains “I loved its technical brilliance. The monumental piece of machinery at its centre represents for me, in its design and engineering and purpose, the precise yet large-scale measurement which lies also at the heart of the Institute’s work. But it also echoes the scales of justice and symbolises for me other central aspects of the Institute's ethos – conducting research on the neglected needs of patients in pain to improve their quality of life, and providing a workforce recruited from a wide range of disciplines and levels with equal access and opportunity to develop and deploy their skills and achieve that ambition for the Institute”

‘Industrial Tribunal’ - Watercolour Gouache

“Rusting in a West Midlands factory car park a hand-operated metal press stood defiantly. I approached a worker at the factory gates and asked him about the redundant machine. “We still use it!” He talked about “apparatus operating instructions”, “critical alignment of threads” and “the crucial counterbalance to the lever arm”. I wondered how safe it was to work in a car park; he smiled “sounds like a compensation case”. I painted the metal press at a dramatic angle; it looked every bit like Lady Justice atop The Old Bailey or maybe just a witness for an Industrial Tribunal.” Mark Elsmore

By markelsmore, Apr 15 2018 04:45PM

I’m honoured to have ‘Multi-Storey’ chosen for the Winsor & Newton Award at the 206th RI Exhibition. I enjoyed meeting fellow artists and guests at the Private View, it’s always a joy to exchange thoughts about our latest work.

The exhibition continues at the Mall Galleries, London until the 21st April 2018.


“As a painter sometimes the description and meanings of the paintings can get too important. ‘Multi-Storey’ is a play on words, it could just as easily be called ‘Multi-Story’. Within the car park there are lots of stories and no stories, it’s up to the viewer to imagine the chapters.”

By markelsmore, Apr 2 2018 12:53PM

I’m delighted to be selected as a Candidate for Membership of the RI Painters in Water Colours. I’ve got four paintings in the 206th Exhibition and have submitted a portfolio of unframed work, a sketchbook and additional material.

The RI exhibition is really worth a visit to The Mall Galleries, but you can also view this year’s selection here

The titles of my Candidate watercolours;

Salford Boing!

Chain of Command.


Space Station Stoke.

Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours 206th Exhibition;

The Mall Galleries, London SW1

Fri 6th April (10am-5pm) until Sat 21st April (10am-1pm).

By markelsmore, Mar 12 2018 08:50PM

I thought I’d share my watercolour of Sir Ken Dodd. It’s a painting from 1997 when he came to Stoke-on-Trent to reopen The Theatre Royal in Hanley. It was a portrait for a London exhibition but was never used and I’ve kept it ever since.

When he returned to The Potteries on his next tour I showed him the painting and he very kindly signed the outer mount -‘Happiness Always, Ken Dodd.’

I called the painting ‘Tattyfilarious!’

He said I’d ‘Caught a moment’, but said that he never wore a double breasted jacket for performances. I explained that it hadn’t been a scheduled show and that it captured his guest appearance at The Royal.

Sadly, Ken passed away on Sunday night, and The Royal closed many years ago. Truly the end of an era.

He leaves so many people with great memories and ‘Happiness Always’.

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